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Wedding videos in Italy

As a kid, you've always dreamed about what your wedding day would look like. Who hasn't? A dreamy Italian wedding between the Sicilian lemon trees, or the grape vines in Tuscany; on top of a cliff overlooking the Amalfi Coast, or in an ancient church in Rome.

Now that it's happening, Vallone Films is here to help you capture on film the moments that are going to make it the most special day of your life. The tears, the laughs, the vows, the toasts and everything in between. Vallone Films produces unique, authentic, genuine wedding videos that will stand, always and forever, as a testimony of your love.

Our works

Classic vibe in Tuscany
Ethnic vibe in Tuscany
Natural vibe in Trentino
Unconventional vibe in Chiantishire
Luxurious vibe in Tuscany
Classic vibe on Lake Maggiore
Classic vibe in Tuscany
Classic vibe in Brissago Islands
Classic vibe in Brissago Islands

Our services

Documentary film
A short film, 10 to 20 minutes long, fully produced and edited to portray the most significant moments of the entire wedding day.
Cinematographic film
A 2/3 minute long trailer, an emotional cinematographic tease: just enough to get a glimpse of the wedding day without spoiling the surprise of the final product.
Photo reportage
A selection of professional pictures from your wedding day, color balanced to be in perfect harmony with the wedding vibe you chose.
Special services
You can choose to have something that will stay with you forever: our wedding box. It's a simple, yet extremely elegant wooden box in which you'll find: a selection of 5 printed freeze-frames from your video and a flash drive, curiously set in a cork inside a tiny glass bottle.

If you like to have everything under control, we also give you the chance to have access to all of the raw, uncut material from your big day, saved into the Cloud.
Dont't worry, we got you
Arranging a wedding in a different Country seems like an impossible challenge. So many things to consider and having to deal with everything in another language. Are you panicking yet? Well, now take a deep breath and relax. Our Team is here to help you get rid of some of that stress and anxiety by taking matters into their own hands.
First, we need to get to know you: your dreams, your vision, your fears and everything you want to transpire in your wedding video and photos. It's a relationship, and we take things serious. Once we both feel confident in one another, we can take things to the next level. To make sure we are ready to shoot, we like to reach the location one day ahead of the celebration. That way, we can study the space beforehand and start envisioning shots and angles.
Rain or shine, we are prepared to shoot under any weather condition. We know it's every bride's nightmare, but we're not scared of the rain: we see it as an extra source of inspiration. And when the big day comes, we look at you through our lenses. We get emotional just thinking about it, but you won't even notice we're there. Our discretion is what allows us to capture the most authentic moments, the ones you'll want to play over and over again.
Then, when it's all said and done, we like to give you our own wedding gift: we select an original, copyrighted song, to best accompany your video. A unique tune that will always be yours.


I would HIGHLY recommend Andrea for any event you want to capture! Andrea helped us capture our wedding day, and the videos he has given us are just amazing. Us and our family members can't stop watching it. His style of filming/editing was exactly what we were going for. It is so nice being able to relive our wedding day and seeing all of the small details that we missed. The day-of wedding, I wasn't able to see that! And Andrea himself is so nice and very professional. His response time to emails was fantastic, and he gave me updates throughout his editing process. I was so impressed when we received the video.
Emil & Massimo - Unconventional vibe in Tuscany
I cannot give Vallone Films enough stars! My husband and I got married in Fiesole and we could not be happier with our videographer choice. Andrea and Alessia were super responsive and helpful throughout the entire wedding planning process. The day of wedding who were both so kind, prompt and professional! They did an amazing job capturing every special moment to create the best fairytale wedding video we could ever dream of! Thanks again Vallone Films! They are seriously the best!
Kayla & Shahem - Classic vibe in Chiantishire
We are so thankful that we found Andrea and his wonderful team to capture our day! With Andrea, we found someone we could trust completely from the first second. Andrea didn't just capture the wedding in a documentary style, his work is really an artistic artwork that makes us cry every time we watch the film. The one thing (and most important thing) that sets him apart from other videographers I've researched is his love for what he does. Once you work with him, it's truly evident that he cares for his clients and is dedicated to giving them an enjoyable and unique experience tailored to each couple. If you're hunting for the perfect wedding videographer, you can stop looking right now - you've found him! Just make sure to book him early! You won't find a better choice for your most important day!
Agnes & Robert - Luxurious Vibe in Tuscany
Andrea Vallone and his team were an absolute dream to work with. My husband and I were married in Florence, Italy at a beautiful, rustic villa called Villa Artimino. Andrea Vallone was so attentive and helpful throughout the process and we felt completely at ease on our wedding day. He and his team worked beautifully with our photographer and delivered an absolutely gorgeous video of our wedding day. In fact, he and his team were so in sync and discreet in their filming, that my husband and I hardly noticed they were there. He delivered a quality video that was elegant and thoughtful, and fit perfectly into the look and feel of the day. Go with Andrea Vallone if you're looking for someone you can trust, who listens, and is attentive to every detail. Grazie di cuore Andrea!
Harriet & Robert - Classic vibe in Florence

About us

Let us introduce ourselves. This is Vallone Films Team: Andrea and Alessia. Andrea is a self-made wedding videographer from Italy, who got into wedding videos through flying drones and aerial filming. He met Alessia, who is also extremely talented photographer and videographer, while shooting a wedding video and they have been together ever since. Their common passion, for their work and for each other, is what fuels their creativity: their goal is to push the limits of videography to portray the authenticity of emotions.
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